White-bellied Woodpecker

White-bellied Woodpecker male with friend

The White-bellied Woodpecker Dryocopus javensis is loud and unmistakable.   For now it is still fairly common in lowland and mangrove forests.   With its preference for foraging on dead trees, reduction of habitat with corresponding decline in food sources and suitable nesting holes must surely be a problem for this species.  Usually in pairs or family parties.


  1. Yen says:

    lovely… spotted 3 of them at Krau and I was too greedy in trying to get real close to them…and ended up with no photo. sigh

  2. CK Leong says:

    happens to all of us!

  3. Andrew Siani says:

    Nice capture CK. Look at the squirrel going into the Woodpecker nest

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