Articles from August 2012

Red-naped Trogon

Red-naped Trogon.  Harpactes kasumba. 30 – 33 cm.  Found in lowland forest.  Enough said.  Let’s go look for it !

Malaysian Blue Flycatcher

I remember that in years gone by, most of the nature lodges in Sabah had their resident blue flycatcher.  The Borneo Rainforest Lodge had a Bornean Blue Flycatcher coming near the restaurant and so did the Tabin Wildlife Resort with their Malaysian Blue.  Those were the days.  Recently I was at another lodge in Sukau along the Kinabatangan River and this male Malaysia Blue Flycatcher came to say hello.  It’s all good.

Pygmy Ibon

Here’s a case for bird photography.  The Pygmy Ibon (Pygmy White-eye) Oculocincta squamifrons is locally common in hill forests populated with recolonizers of the Macaranga species of trees.  It has a tendency of being overlooked as it is more warbler-like and it is difficult to see the thin white eye-ring.  With the luxury of photographic examination, the forehead appears more like thin wavy dashes in white than speckles as described in most publications.

A Bornean endemic.