Articles from June 2013

Fulvous-chested Jungle-flycatcher

The Fulvous-chested Jungle-flycatcher Rhinomyias olivacea is one of the rarer of the resident flycatchers in Borneo.  It prefers the lower storey of primary as well as secondary lowland forest.   I saw this particular individual in March this year when it was in the process of nest building.  It does possess a really fine song.

Barred Rail

I was first alerted to the presence of the Barred Rail Gallirallus torquatus as a new addition to the Bornean bird list by Michael & Marilyn Burge who went on holiday to Pom Pom island near Semporna in February 2010  and came away with videos and photos of this bird.  I had always wanted to go and see this bird for myself even though it would have been a long trip for me to get to the island.   Since then this bird has turned up on Selingan island, one of the Turtle islands near to Sandakan.  Lady luck was with me when my friend Osman Assan was able to arrange for me to go to Selingan (May 29, 2013).  The island is quite small, about 7.2 hecatares, little vegetation,  and it took us only a few minutes to find the bird.  I was also happy to note that there were 2 pairs of the bird on the island.

Selingan island is one of 3 islands of the Turtle Island Park which boasts of one of the longest green turtle conservation history in the world.  Birders will also find that the Tabon Scrubfowl is easily seen here.

The Barred Rail is also my 500th bird for my Bornean list.  A really nice addition.