Articles from December 2008


Dollarbird by Ck Leong

The Dollarbird Eurystomus orientalis is the only roller found in Borneo. It’s a common resident of the lowland and coastal forests where it is frequently seen perched on exposed or dried branches from where it makes aerobatic flights at insects. The bird often appears all dark at a distance, its splendid plumage better enjoyed through a scope. In flight, a silvery patch is prominent under each wing. This is also displayed in other mynas.

Mountain Imperial Pigeon

Mountain Imperial Pigeon by Ck Leong

This large pigeon Ducula badia is a widespread resident of the mountain ranges of Borneo. At certain times of the year, the bird has also been known to leave the mountains to visit the coast. This bird is conspicious both in flight and at rest. In the early morning, it may be seen either singly or in small parties, flying at great height. At rest, its booming call can be heard from quite a long distance. On Mt Kinabalu, this species has either grey or red iris.

Indian Cuckoo

Indian Cuckoo by Ck Leong

The usual comment associated with the Indian Cuckoo Cuculus micropterus seems to be that of “often heard, seldom seen”. Most birders in the Greater Sunda region would be quite familiar with the four note call of this bird. From its tree top perch, the bird would make its territorial announcement, calling even in the middle of the night. One More Bottle! Cheers!