Articles from October 2011

Purple-naped Sunbird

The Purple-naped Sunbird Hypogramma hypogrammicum is one of the more common sunbirds in Borneo.  It feeds on small insects and is also partial to pollen of various flowers in the lowland forest. It utters a loud tsip while moving from blossom to blossom, with an occasional series of notes.  It is easy to miss the metallic purple band on its nape (absent in females) if you are looking up at the bird.

Gold-whiskered Barbet

The Gold-whiskered Barbet is the largest barbet in Borneo and probably the loudest.  The subspecies M. c. chrysopsis has a broad black facemask ending in blue.  Found in lowland and hill forests but more often heard than seen.

Sacred Kingfisher

I have been hoping to see this bird for as long as I can remember and it has been worth the wait.  Only a recent trip with Eagle-eye Tours, while on a boat trip on the Kinabatangan river, there it was, the Sacred Kingfisher.  This rare migrant from the Australian winter was even better looking than I had imagined.  Previously I had looked carefully at every Collared Kingfisher I came across, the 2 species having strong similarities.  Digiscoping this bird from a rocking boat was a great challenge.  Still I am very pleased with the images I’ve got.

Barred Eagle-owl

The last of the 3 large owls in Borneo, the Barred Eagle-0wl !  While less common than the other 2 large owls, it has been kind to me, showing up in most of my trips.  It is found in lowland and swamp forest.  Many years ago, I saw a young bird in a cage.  I was amazed by the whiteness of its plumage but to see one in natural surroundings is so much better.