Articles from August 2013

Bornean Bristlehead

Bornean Bristlehead by Ck Leong


If you are looking for a face for Borneo birding, the Bornean Bristlehead must be it.  This is the only member of the family Pityriaseidae and the genus Pityriasis.  This uncommon bird of the lowland and peatswamp forest finds itself pasted on posters and publications.  Not surprisingly then, it is on the wanted list of most visiting birders to Borneo.  The lucky get to see it moving nosily through the forest canopy, usually in groups of 5 to 8 birds.  What joy!

If you are at the British Bird Fair this weekend, look for this bird at Marquee No. 1.

White-chested Babbler

White-chested Babbler by Ck Leong

Babblers are really difficult to digiscope and this White-chested Babbler Trichostoma rostratum is no different.  However it is a noisy bird and easy to find especially along rivers and wet areas in lowland forest.  At 15cm, it makes up its lack of size with its loud call.  Birders who complain about unimaginative common names will probably let this one go.