Articles from November 2011

Red-necked Phalarope

Red-necked Phalarope with Black-winged Stilt

Even in its winter plumage, the Red-necked Phalarope Phalaropus lobatus looks so elegant and alive.  When feeding in water, its “spinning” motion is a joy to watch.  When out of water, look out for its tiny webbed feet.

This picture was taken very recently at a pool of a prawn farm in the Tutong district in Brunei D.  Enjoy!

Grey-headed Lapwing

I missed it the last time it was seen here in 2007.  I was not going to miss out this time.  On my second visit to the Penampang rice fields to look for it, lady luck and 2 other birding friends made sure I was going to tick this rare migrant.  It was solitary, possibly a first year in non-breeding plumage.  But it was surely a Grey-headed Lapwing!

White-breasted Waterhen

The White-breasted Waterhen Amaurornis phoenicurus is a common rail in Borneo, found in a wide variety of habitat from padi fields to swamps to plantations.  It is actually a very handsome bird worthy of greater attention.  It has a series of wierd calls and this is also reflected in its local name Ruak-ruak.

Wood Sandpiper

The Wood Sandpiper is a very elegant Tringa and easily the commonest wader during the winter migration here.  It frequents our padi fields and wetlands, feeding alone or in small groups.  It is usually the first to arrive (late July) and last to leave (April).  I figure this bird spends more time here than at its breeding grounds in northern Asia.


Ruff, feeding

This palaeartic winters in Africa and South Asia but once in a while, we get a straggler (two, in this sighting) in Borneo.  I have never seen a Ruff in breeding plumage.  Still, you get what you can.  I consider myself lucky to get this photo of a male feeding,  its back feathers raised.  It was moving around in a wet paddy and I assume it is partial to rice and seeds of various grass.