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Crested Goshawk

Crested Goshawk by Ck Leong

I have seen many photos of the Crested Goshawk on the net and I thought perhaps one more wouldn’t dampen your appreciation for this superb accipiter. It is fairly common throughout the lowlands of Borneo, often seen circling slowly over treetops. When not in flight, it can be seen perched on even the shorter trees. Race in Borneo A. t. microstictus. Happy hunting!

Fly A Kite

Black-Shouldered Kite by Ck Leong

We just have to admit that it is so much easier to see the Black-Shouldered Kite Elanus caeruleus now than say 20 years ago. Unfortunately this expansion of both range and number could be due to increased cultivation and turning of forest into scrub and grassland. Whatever it might be, it is always a joy to see this bird hovering and gliding in its search for prey. A friend once told me that these kites have evolved from a previous generation of owls. Comments?

Black-Shouldered Kite by Ck LeongBlack-Shouldered Kite by Ck LeongBlack-Shouldered Kite by Ck Leong