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Oriental Darter

Bird song is not a main feature of birds in Borneo. The main contenders for song birds are the Straw Headed Bulbul, the White Crowned / White Rumped Shamas and the ever present Magpie Robin. However their singing is their potential downfall and there is a presence of trapping and caging of these birds.

Other cage birds include the Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots, Zebra Doves and the Hill Myna with its ability to mimic human sounds.

The Straw Headed Bulbuls, Shamas and Hill Mynas are protected species and bird owners need a special license from the Wildlife Department to keep any of these birds. So much better to see them in the wild.

Collection of birds’ nests is an important industry in Sabah . This involves two species of swiflets ; Aerodramus fuciphaga (white nests) and Aerodramus maxima (black nests). At Gomantong and other limestone caves in the East Coast of Sabah, these nests are harvested 3 times a year. Swift farming has yet to become popular.

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